The first weekend I spent in Thurmansbang in the Bayrische Wald where I took my second course in dowsing. This is my second passion besides producing leather backpacks.

With a rod marked with special frequencies I learnt not only to find the positive or negative zones such as the Hartmann- or Currygrids, or water veins, but also to discover geological faults, electromagnetic pollution plastics radiation and even how to read the aura of a person and find the energetically weak points on the body. The course was very interesting and I learnt a lot about physics, radiesthesia, nature and the energy around us.

The very next weekend I was at Frankfurt, where the Immopreneurkongress took place. Among the 400 registered people were only about 20 women. This was not only a meeting of entrepreneurs investing in real estate but also of those having their own companies and wanted to get an overview of the economic situation in Europe. There also was a lot of information on the situation on the German market, as well as on methods of marketing and sales in general. After all, this, too, was a great opportunity to network, to support and help each other. The congress was well organized and moderated by the well-known Immopreneur Thomas Knedel.

Everything was so efficient and I got to know very nice and great people here.