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What are the 6 benefits of our handbags? 

My motto is not cheap, but high quality, traditional, precise, individual and different than all crowds of people. I love colors so you also find lots of colorful handbags here!
The high quality of the fabrics we work with and the quality of the manufacturing is very important to me.
Only with our bags you have two options how to wear them… as a backpack or a as regular handbag. Our backpacks will keep your hands free.
!!! BE FREE, BE HEALTHY with our unique BAGS !!!  
The bags are traditionell handcrafted in a small family atelier in the heart of Europe from the best leather or natural cork. The leather and cork are extremly durable and resistant to abrasion. We only use very durable German zipper YKK. The linings are colorful in a unique design and robust from a water resistant fabrics.
You can costumize your own handbag, you can choose a color… a color combination or a text on a pocket inside, any motive of animal or other motive you like on the backpack or a placement of the main zipper to the left side of the bag. The left zipper we recommend you if you prefer to wear a handbag on your left shoulder!
Would you like to have your own custom design? Email me and we will make together your wishes true. 🙂
We also offer an energized version of all our bags, we can put a special panel “S-Geomanblatt”
into an additional inner pocket, which protects you from electrosmog. The Platine panel is produced by “Ludwig Schürger Thurmansbang, Germany”.
WE OFFER 2 SIZES of our Handbags the DIN A5+ AND DIN A4. 
Our standard size of the bags is the DIN A5+ with the main zipper on the right side. The size DIN A4 we can produce on your order anytime, it’s not in our stock currently. For a costumized handbag we need approximately 10 days.
practical, safe, durable
unique, beautiful