In September I found out that Kim and Robert Kiyosaki would be coming to Munich on November 22nd and 23rd. So for two whole months I was looking forward to this opportunity to meet Kim again at this wonderful event organized by Success Resources.

I met Kim for the first time in Edmonton, Canada, at a Women’s Conference. Back then we discussed my plan to produce my unique leather backpacks. Kim liked the idea and my prototype so much that she immediately ordered my first bag produced in series in black. Last year I delivered that personalized bag to Kim in the U.S. and she told me, she has been using it ever since.

Last week Kim was in Germany. On Monday evening I arrived at my friend Martina’s house, located close to Munich, where I would be staying the night during this Congress together with another mutual friend, Kacy.

Monday morning the three of us started out at 7. a.m. to arrive early at the Congress. We arrived there at 9 a.m. ready to start.

There were such great speakers in Munich – We learnt a lot of new things and got to know many new people.

On Wednesday Kim Kiyosaki led a special Women’s session, and after that I had the chance to meet Kim again in person – the first time since that Women’s Conference two years ago. She was so nice to invite me to her hotel room, in order for us to discuss everything at a quiet place. Robert Kiyosaki and Veronica Chew from Sucess Resources were also there. Together we talked about marketing for almost 30 minutes and took some very nice photographs. We also searched for ways to make my products better known all over the world. It was during this discussion, that we had the idea to present Ivanka and Melanie Trump with my bags, as Kim and Robert are close friends to the Trump family. It was an awesome meeting! I am very happy and extremely thankful, that Kim offered me this opportunity to take my bags for the two women of the Trump family with her.

Besides this meeting with Kim on Wednesday, I also had an awesome day on Tuesday, as something totally unexpected happened: As a well-known speaker, JT Foxx, needed quick transport to the airport and when he asked my friend, Kacy, she passed this opportunity on to me, to take him there. As we were a little behind schedule, it was quite an adventure to drive through the crowded streets of Munich. In return for this favour, JT Foxx offered me to participate in his 2-day workshop in Munich next week – for free.