I was born in Prague, Czech Republic, and came to Nuremberg, Germany, 10 years ago to live with my then partner.

Right after the Revolution in 1989 I started my own business. I ran my own company in the wellness business until 2001 and then moved on to work in procurement in the non-food area. A couple of years later I began to focus more on raising my children, but in 2013 I went back into procurement at a small company. However, about a year ago, my life changed radically. Within one month I left my partner and had to move out of our apartment. Shortly after that I also lost my job. So I had to say good-bye to all my goals and wishes that had led me from the Czech Republic to Germany.
From one moment to the next my whole life changed and I needed to find quick and viable solutions for all the problems in various areas of my life: Where can I find a suitable place to live? How can I afford the apartment? Where shall my children go to school? And many more…
I had to make a far reaching decision: Should I go back home or stay in this “foreign” country that had already become my second home? As I don’t usually choose simple way, I decided to stay in Nuremberg. However, this made it necessary to solve a number of other problems as fast as possible, too. I needed to focus on finding living quarters as well as a way to gain money. The question was: Should I go back to work for somebody else or should I start another company of my own after so many years as an employee?

By chance I attended a seminar held by the successful Canadian entrepreneur Darren Weeks in Stuttgart, who is supporting business start-ups in the Americas and Europe with his „Entrepreneur Programme“. After giving it a thorough thought, this experience became the stepping stone for starting my own company once again. But the question remained: What kind of company would this be? In which direction should I be looking for inspiration?

While I was working on the solutions to all these essential problems I also looked into one of the classic themes of female interest: handbags. I was looking for a handbag that would neither block the hands nor hamper movement. I searched for quite a while very intensively but simply couldn’t find anything suitable on the market. The more handbags I looked at, the clearer it became, that the handbag meeting my requirements would have to be a type of rucksack.

However, the rucksacks I found in the market did not suit my taste nor did they satisfy my requirements in quality. During my search I was inspired by a number of styles, but the design was mostly influenced by French charm. After a few months spent on the first design, the first rucksack was produced to test the market in November 2014. As my friends and acquaintances really liked it very much, this could be deemed the birth of my company.

I started to produce the handmade design backpacks professionally together with an acquaintance in Czech Republic in January and the company was officially founded in July 2015.
During the founding phase I was able to put together a great team of designers, seamstresses, consultants, accountants and graphic designers. I would like to thank especially all those who have supported me during these stormy times.